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Replacement 24V 1.875A 45W Power Supply/Laptop AC Adapter For Apple M7387LL/A With Free Cord

Replacement Apple M7387LL/A Adapter

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Battery Features

  • Input : AC100-240V
  • Output : DC24V 1.875A
  • Power : 45W
  • Connecter size : 9.5*3.5mm
  • Item Includes : AC Adapter and Power Cord For Your Country

Replacement Apple M7387LL/A replacement laptop ac power adapter is rated at 24V 1.875A, 45W. Replacement laptop ac power adapter for Apple M7387LL/A is 100% Compatible, Meets or Exceeds Original Specification.

Note:Brand New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter, works as Genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Money Back!


High quality 45W AC Power Adapter for Apple M7387LL/A notebooks. Pick up this spare adapter so you can have one at home and one at work. This adapter replaces Apple P/Ns: Apple M4402, Apple ADP-45LB, Apple M7387LL/A, Apple M6384LL/A, Apple M7332LL/A, Apple M7387LLA, Apple M6384LLA, Apple M7332LLA, Apple M7387, Apple M6384, Apple M7332, Apple M4895, Apple M4896, Apple M5937, Apple M6384, Apple M6548G/A or equivalent

Make sure you have power when you need it most. An extra Replacement Laptop AC adapter for your notebook not only keeps you mobile, but also charges the battery while it's connected. You'll enjoy the freedom of leaving one at home and one at the office, ensuring your notebook always has full power.

The apple laptop charger has gone through rigorous third party testing to ensure its performance and safety. It conforms to the standards of the following organizations and certifications:
1.UL Certification
2.Designed to filter voltage spikes or surges
3.Sufficient output power
4.Small output voltage ripple
5.High accuracy of output voltage
6.Smart device surge protection ,OVP ,OCP ,SCP
7.Strong built for heavy duty and long usage performance

Compatible Part No:

Apple M4402, Apple ADP-45LB, Apple M7387LL/A, Apple M6384LL/A, Apple M7332LL/A, Apple M7387LLA, Apple M6384LLA, Apple M7332LLA, Apple M7387, Apple M6384, Apple M7332, Apple M4895, Apple M4896, Apple M5937, Apple M6384, Apple M6548G/A

Fits Models:

Apple iBook (1999 model-original), Apple iBook (2000 model-original), Apple iBook (Blueberry), Apple iBook (Graphite), Apple iBook (Indigo), Apple iBook (Lime Green), Apple iBook (Tangerine), Apple PowerBook 1400, Apple PowerBook 1400C, Apple PowerBook 1400CS, Apple PowerBook 2400, Apple PowerBook 2400C, Apple PowerBook 3400, Apple PowerBook G3 1997, Apple PowerBook G3 1998, Apple PowerBook G3 1999, Apple PowerBook G3 Lombard, Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo, Apple PowerBook G3 Wall Street

Before purchasing an AC Adapter you need to make sure make the Replacement Apple M7387LL/A Charger will give you the correct voltage and suitable current output. To find out the voltage & current, turn your laptop over and look for a label, sticker or writing which shows the voltage and current, it should look something like the examples below. The voltage figure will have a "V" after the number i.e 19V and the current will have a "A" or "mA". i.e 3.15A. You can also find these shown on your original AC adapter if you have it.Ensure that the voltage for your adapter matches the voltage (a difference under 1V is okay to accept) of the product that you are buying on current for the adapter may vary as this will only cause differences in the time it takes for you to charge your device. However, it is not recommended that you buy a laptop ac adapter for apple m7387ll/a with a lower current than your original. Buying a laptop adapter with a higher current will not affect your laptop in any way.

Product Declaration:

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is this a genuine product?
All items are produced by a 3rd party manufacturer and not the original manufacturer.Original manufacturer part numbers are provided for cross reference only,the actual part numbers on the product will be different.Brand New Product, 100% OEM compatible!
Can I return it if i am not satisfied with this product?
We have a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase,please feel free to contact us to tell us the reason,then we will arrange a replacement or refund you as your request.pls read the detail return policy
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